Rare Now Leave Me The Hell Alone Saka Sampler


Steve Saka is remains one of the remaining kings of the boutique cigar industry to this very day. Saka caught the industry's attention when he resigned as President of Liga Privada Cigars in a quest to create his own personal tobacco empire, and has been on fire ever since. In this sampler, we explore Mr. Saka's core best selling cigars, as well as his limited release "Muestra De Saka" lines.

The best part about this flight pack is the ultra rare (and sold out everywhere) "Now Leave Me The Hell Alone" blend in Muestra De Saka. If you haven't tried it, you need to. If you've already tried it, you probably want more. Well we've got it for you! But get your pack while you can, these flavor bombs will disappear quickly! Questions? Call us now! 1-800-669-7167.