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Rare Liga Privada Unicos Are Back!


The Liga Privada Series was originally created for the smoking pleasure of Drew Estate's president Steve Saka. His request was simple. Create a full flavored cigar that is rich and satisfying. Liga Privada is exquisitely blended with 7 types of tobaccos from seven different farms. Only the most skilled rollers from Drew Estate are qualified to roll this amazing cigar.

Each Liga Privada is guaranteed to be flawless in construction, flavor, and character. LigaPrivada is rich and complex without being harsh. Flavors of earth, leather and cedar are prevalent and notes of espresso and pepper come out in the finish.

What's even more rare are Liga Privada Unicos, releases that only come out a fixed number of times per year. Some of them include: Feral Flying Pigs, UF-13, Dirty Rat, Velvet Rat, and more! Well, we have 'em in stock and we're releasing them to the public. Get your Liga Privada Unico Box Now! (All boxes ship this Thursday, February 28th!)

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