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RARE Illusione 10th Anniversary!


I’m sitting here smoking the new Illusione Epernay 10th Anniversary (just arrived off the truck) and wondering how many I can get hoard for myself before my boss gets mad at me. I should probably note that rare Illusione Singulare Seven Horns has also arrived in the same shipment, but I haven't had a chance to smoke it yet!

All Illusione limited releases are fantastic in my book, but this one in particular’s a definite must-buy. To say it’s box worthy would be doing a disservice to the excellence behind the blend- it’s pallet worthy! 

STOCK IS RARE on these beauties, and will sell out fast, so you've gotta secure some for yourself while you still can! Here's what Cigar Aficiando had to say about this exciting limited release:

First shipments of the Illusione Epernay 10th Anniversary D’Aosta will be going out to retailers this week, a new, regular-production size that commemorates the brand’s 10 years on the market. 

Epernay is named after the Champagne-producing town in France whose effervescent wine inspired the sweet and floral character of the cigar. Lighter in body than the core Illusione brand, Epernays contain no strong, ligero tobacco, as brand-owner Dion Giolito wanted to emphasize balance and finesse over power and richness.

All Epernays are made in Honduras at Raices Cubanas, the same factory where the core Illusione line was originally produced. When Giolito moved production of his core line from Honduras to Aganorsa Leaf (then called TABSA) in Nicaragua, he decided to leave Epernay where it was.

This initial description was written 10/23/19 - our final Illusione 10th Anniversary alottment arrives 3/23/20 - order yours now!

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