Rare Fuente Opus X


I've just dropped 45 gorgeous Opus X samplers on Cigar King- and I guarantee you they'll be gone in a flash. Each pack gets (1) Opus X Oscuro Belicoso XxX, (1) Opus X Double Robusto, (1) God of Fire Serie B Maduro, and six other delicious releases made on the Arturo Fuente farms in the Dominican Republic. Enjoy!

Arturo Fuente Opus X is a story of passion, craftsmanship, and love for tobacco artistry. There is no other cigar that is quite like Opus X; similarly, it happens to be the world's most sought after cigar by far, and for good reason- it's considered to be the best there is.

Arturo Fuente releases Opus X only a few times a year, and distributes small allotments to retailers all over the world. Most stores get their Opus X, put a ridiculous markup on them, and sell them as sealed boxes to one or two customers on a list.

We feel differently about our allotments. Being that these blends are basically the holy grail of the cigar world, we think it's important that everyone gets a shot at getting some! That's why we quietly stash away our stock as soon as it arrives, and parcel it out slowly throughout the year.