HAPPY NEW YEAR! We figured we'd bring 2022 in with a bang, and we don't mean fireworks! Yes, that's right- we're bringing out the big guns, and gracing the internet with a very special Arturo Fuente Opus X Samplers that will have you jumping for joy! Check out the details below!

Every once in a while, we're graced with a true rarity from the big boys over at Arturo Fuente. While it's true that we get the opportunity to sell Opus X a few times every year, we NEVER get to see the Opus X Shark here at the store. 

Well, here's your chance to seize one of the rarest sizes of the world's most sought after cigar: The Opus X SharkIn each pack, you'll be receiving nine incredible Arturo Fuente blends, including one ULTRA RARE Opus X Shark, and one ULTRA RARE Opus X Oscuro plus Free Shipping On Your Entire Order! Get it while you can though, because these packs will be gone in a flash! If you're wondering just what you're getting, check the picture in the advertisement!

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