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Rare Fuente Man's 80th Personal Reserve


Today at the King, we're taking a ride on the Fabulous Fuente Train with the Arturo Fuente Man's 80th Personal Reserve Sampler! Arturo Fuente cigars are one of the finest and most consistent cigars on the market. Like their motto indicates, they never rush the hands of time. 

Don Carlos - The Man's 80th: The Edicion de Aniversario "The Man's 80th Personal Reserve" commemorates Carlos Fuente seniors 80th birthday and the 30th anniversary of the Arturo Fuente Don Carlos brand. The Don Carlos brand has been known thought out the world as one of the finest cigars, expertly blended, crafted and unmatched consistency, attempted by many achieved by few.

This pack is particularly special, because unlike it's pricey predecessors, you can grab one of these bad boys for way under $100! In the rare Fuente world, where just one cigar alone can retail for $80 a piece, this is a major steal! Get your Man's 80th Personal Reserve Sampler today!