RARE: Fuente Eye Of The Shark Opus X Flights!


SHARKS ARE BACK: Ever seen a cigar sell out in less than 60 minutes? The Arturo Fuente Eye of the Shark is THAT cigar! While we expect this tasting flight to run for longer than that, we're sure it will sell out quick. Each pack comes guaranteed with these ultra-rare cigars: Fuente Eye of the Shark, Opus X, and God of Fire! If that ain't enough for you, we're also including 5 tasty regular production Arturo Fuente Cigars! Enjoy.

Every few years, Fuente digs deep into its vast arrays of tobacco and puts out something special, this is most certainly one of those times. In 2015  Carlos Fuente Sr. turned 80 years old. It also marked the 30th birthday for his eponymous brand, Don Carlos. To celebrate the occasion, Arturo Fuente released the Don Carlos Eye of the Shark. In 2017, it won #1 Cigar of the Year by Cigar Aficionado and is to this day nearly impossible to find!

The cigar itself is an attractive torpedo with a squarely-pressed foot that packs a lush draw, and delivers big notes of cedar, nuts, and leather with a finish that smacks of cider. Tasty and complex, this rare release is one you won't want to miss out on.