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RARE Fuente 2014 Aniversario Don Carlos!


So much can be said about the family behind Arturo Fuente Cigars - from creating the most sought after cigar in the universe, to building an empire from scratch. If for some strange reason you’ve never given yourself the opportunity to enjoy a rare Fuente release, the time is now, my friend.

We’ve been stashing away an extra special shipment of some of the best cigars you may ever get the pleasure of experiencing- Ladies and Gentleman, we give you Vintage 2014 Fuente Fuente Don Carlos Edicion De Anniversario.

These boxes were rolled, cured, and crafted 5 years ago, and are ready to be shipped to a few fortunate lovers of the leaf. Although no one here at Cigar King can quite tell you what grace an entire 1,825 days will have on a blend like this, you can expect them to me incredible. Buy with confidence and love.

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