Pre-orders for the ultra-rarity known as Davidoff Year of the Dragon are now live on We welcome all to browse this highly sought-after Davidoff release! Only 5,160 boxes will be made for the United States. Order your box, 5-Pack, or Single now before they sell out. All orders will approximately ship on or before November 15th, 2023.

The Year of the Dragon Limited Edition completes Davidoff’s cycle of twelve consecutive celebrations around a Chinese zodiac. The brand honors the important year with several limited-edition products inspired by the Dragon and its fascinating personality. The powerful Dragon requires an equal format, making this zodiac’s cigar the biggest creation out of all “Year of” executions to date.

The double corona carries an eye-catching foot ring which covers the uncut part of the cigar. This enables aficionados to enjoy the first inch/2.5 cm of the masterpiece without the wrapper leaf, which creates an intriguing play of flavors and visualizes the Dragon spitting fire. The blend consists of 8 tobaccos, combined for a total of 60 years aging. In 2024, this number will match the age of a person born in 1964, which is also a Year of the Dragon. This year’s edition comes in a handsome box of ten cigars.

The top surface of the box shows a captivating iridescent varnished dragon skin pattern all over. The powerful Year of the Dragon icon in the center holds a pearl, which in Chinese culture symbolizes wisdom, prosperity and fortune. A wooden tray inside the box reveals two cigar sections that are divided by a silky red ribbon inspired by the Dragon’s tongue.

Rare Davidoff Year Of The Dragon 2024 Limited Ed.