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Rare Davidoff Small Batch


Davidoff is a unique bird in the cigar industry. Davidoff Cigars are known throughout the industry as the leading manufacturer of the world’s most premium & prestigious blends. When one of our guys celebrates any kind of milestone, chances are we'll gift them with a luxurious pack of Davidoff Cigars.

Usually, a Davidoff release is met with healthy quantities that are readily available for years to come, however these days, the brand has a few very interesting tricks up their sleeve! Introducing Davidoff’s one of a kind Small Batch program, Davidoff adds an additional touch to its distinct assortment of premium cigars.

Davidoff's very own private master blenders have created a range from medium to full-bodied multi-origin blends made of very exquisite and rare tobaccos from Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru and the Dominican Republic.

To complement the traditional iconic white ring standing for the sophistication and refinement of each Davidoff cigar, a “Small Batch” second band underlines its rareness. The cigars are packed in special bundles comprised of 5 to 10 cigars. Depending on tobacco stocks and blend, the global availability per Small Batch is as limited as 1300 cigars. 

Experience this rare treat known as Davidoff "Small Batch" while supplies last - and believe me, they won't! As of now, we've listed these rare gems available for sale in bundles of 10, 5-Packs, or even as single cigars. Order yours now!

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  • Davidoff Small Batch No. 3 Robusto (5x50 / Bundle 10) + FREE SHIPPING ON YOUR ENTIRE ORDER!
  • Davidoff Small Batch No. 3 Robusto (5x50 / Single)
  • Davidoff Small Batch No. 7 Toro (6x55 / Bundle 5) + FREE SHIPPING ON YOUR ENTIRE ORDER!
  • Davidoff Small Batch No. 7 Toro (6x55 / Single)