Got a second? I've got huge news: I have just released 100 Davidoff Summer Secret Motherload Samplers, and it's sending my sales office into a frenzy. Davidoff is like the Mercedes-Benz of the cigar world - nobody crafts premium cigars like they do. Now, you can experience them for yourself at a price and deal that no one will even come close to matching!

If you've never had a "Secret Motherload" sampler from Cigar King, they're THE deal we're famous for in the cigar industry. Believe me when I say- you are going to absolutely love this.

Davidoff is synonymous with the highest level of craftsmanship in the cigar world. This is an undisputed fact amongst cigar aficionados far and wide. Each cigar will take you on a different journey of complexity, flavor, and balance. Not only that, they bar none use the finest tobaccos in the cigar industry. You haven't experienced a perfect cigar until you've smoked a Davidoff.

This is your chance to try the most fantastic assortment of Davidoff Cigars you’ll ever experience. While we’re not going to tell you exactly what you’ll be receiving, just know this: It’s going to rock your world - and if it doesn’t - send it back to us for a full refund. That’s right, we’re stamping the Cigar King Family Satisfaction Guarantee on this one, folks. Enjoy!


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