I've been in the cigar 'biz nearly two decades, and I've only seen Arturo Fuente’s Casa Fuente cigar available for sale in our store once before. With that being said, The Arturo Fuente family has graced us with a very special shipment! Folks, the Casa Fuente is like OpusX on steroids!

I've dropped less than 100 of these gorgeous motherload samplers on Cigar King- and once they are gone, they ain’t coming back. Each pack is guaranteed to have one ultra-rare Casa Fuente cigar, along with an undisclosed number of bestselling Arturo Fuente releases. Hurry, this will sell out fast! All orders ship Wednesday, 3/22/23!

Casa Fuente may be the most mysterious line of cigars in the industry. They’re referred to as “tweaked” versions of the Fuente Fuente OpusX Forbidden X line. That means a secret blend of Dominican tobaccos, plus whatever wrapper the company decides is appropriate. In this case, the Casa Fuente core line is wrapped in aged red Cameroon leaf. But, as we said, they’re not just wrapping up any old blend. 

In a Casa Fuente cigar, you’re getting a mix of 7 distinctive tobaccos, each chosen from the most flavorful primings in the Fuente plantations. Forbidden X sticks are then bundled and aged in Calvados casks (French apple brandy) to absorb a spirited aroma and transform into something quite special.

We’re honestly not sure if that was done with these. Like we said, not everything was disclosed when it comes to this one. Entering into the rolling room where these exclusive cigars are made is, of course, forbidden. But lighting up the product? You’ve got an open invitation to do that any time you please… or at least when you can get ahold of them!

Rare Casa Fuente Secret Motherload