FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: AVO, made by Davidoff Cigars, has just released their third "Seasons" release, known as the "Fall" edition. These boxes will sell out in a day, as they are only available in extremely limited quantities. Folks, please don't miss your chance at this masterclass limited edition! Ships fast and free, starting at just $36- First come, first served!

AVO Cigars celebrates the four seasons with its new limited-edition series with 4 editions; Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Each captures the spirit of the respective time of year with its expertly blended tobaccos and aromas. They are carefully designed by Master Blenders, who has worked with tobaccos across multi-faceted origins to craft the perfect seasonal blends.

In autumn, the feel of cooler temperatures is a refreshing change after a prolonged summer heat. It is time to feel the air turn crisp as autumn leaves fall. The combination of the San Andres Maduro wrapper, and Dominican filler tobaccos aged up to 14 years, brings out complex notes of dried fruits, mixed nuts, and sweet spice. A lush creaminess uplifts these notes. Perfect to enjoy with a cup of hot black tea or coffee to harmonise with the spices’ flavour.