Rare Ashton Motherload Flights


VERY LIMITED STOCK: Best cigar deal of the year? Definitely. Folks, you’re getting a beautiful, top-of-the-line cigar sampler from one of the finest premium cigar companies of all-time. Each pack comes with 12 Ashton-made Cigars for $99.95 - that’s $8.32 per cigar. This is a brand that offers cigars up to $25! You do the math. 

Bottom line- you’ll be thrilled when you receive your Ashton Motherload sampler. This was THE brand that made me fall in love with cigars. Now, I’m passing the torch on to each one of you. Enjoy, my friends.

Ashton cigars are loved by everyone, and always have been. Their popularity as one of the best cigar brands of all time shouldn’t come as a surprise to you: Their award-winning releases are exclusively made by Arturo Fuente and My Father Cigars! Ashton cigars use only the finest, aged tobaccos to produce high-quality blends that captivate our hearts and palates. Ashton's commitment to quality is well-known in the industry, as they strive to ensure each Ashton cigar you burn is a perfect experience.

Working with masters of their craft like the Fuente family and Don Pepin Garcia, Ashton has created collaborations that anyone can enjoy. Originally, this brand was known for their subtle cigars. Their top shelf, vintage beauties like Ashton Cabinet Selection are mellow and smooth, with an elegant profile perfect for any mellow cigar fan.

However, Ashton has proven they can do full-bodied cigars just as well with blends like the ​Ashton VSG​. This Sun Grown wrapped blend is filled with Dominican long-fillers aged 4-5 years, and bursts with flavor. Whatever Ashton cigar you choose, rest assured knowing you’re getting one of the best blends around. Ashton also hasn't forgotten the pipe enthusiast. They have a series of blends that cover the spectrum of styles and flavor profiles. No matter how you choose to kick back and relax, Ashton has you covered.

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