Rare 30% OFF Cigar of The Year Packs!


To win #1 Cigar of the Year with Cigar Aficionado, your cigar has to be legendary. It’s also the highest honor your cigar can achieve in the world of premium tobacco. The problem I have with cigars that win this award is twofold: Number one, you can never find them; and number two, they are ALWAYS marked at full price. I hate that- so today, I’ve decided to really ruffle some feathers and throw out a deal you won’t be able to refuse. Check this out: 

In this pack, you’re getting five Oliva Melanio Figurado, and five Aging Room Nicaragua Quattro Vibrato (Toro) - both of these blends won #1 Cigar of The Year, and it should come as no surprise to anyone that they’re absolutely first-class, must-try smokes. Here’s the best part: I’m knocking a FAT 30% OFF retail pricing, PLUS throwing in Free Shipping On Your Entire Order. Folks, you won’t find a better deal anywhere in the world. Get ready to have your cigar routine rocketed into the fourth dimension with this limited time offer. As with all good things, this deal will not last long- so hurry on down and grab a Cigar of the Year 10-Pack now! Yabba-dabba-doo!

OLIVA MELANIO: The luxurious Oliva Serie V Melanio is expertly hand-rolled with choice Ecuadorian Sumatra wrappers, Jalapa Habano-seed binders, and premium Nicaraguan filler tobaccos. Full in strength and flavor, rich notes of toasted almond, creamy nougat, bittersweet chocolate, red pepper and espresso are accompanied by earthy, woodsy undercurrents in every crisp, savory draw. 

AGING ROOM QUATTRO NICARAGUA: The Aging Room Quattro by Rafael Nodal Nicaragua Maestro Belicoso is a premium cigar of the finest pedigree. This perfectly rolled Nicaraguan puro uses the best Cuban-seed tobaccos to provides the cigar connoisseur with rich, medium to full body flavors of white pepper, nuts, spice, earth, and espresso.