Rare 2021 Davidoff Chef's Edition


Davidoff is the Mercedes-Benz of the cigar industry. Want the best? You just found it. Ultra-rare Davidoff Chef's Edition 2021 is here, but not for long... this is a release that sells out like clockwork, year after year. Don't miss your shot - I've got less than 100 boxes to doll out to the public!

The gastronomy sector is closely linked to the indulgence one can find in a Davidoff cigar. The art of blending, the craftmanship, artisany and effort that goes into the creation of a taste experience are the most important virtues among both the handcrafted premium cigar and the premium gastronomy world.

This year‘s third Limited Edition links our Master Blenders competence to those of the chosen Chefs. This third installment represents the common approach between pure ingredients, local sourcing and sustainability. Translating these methods in the cigar results in using a high percentage of native Dominican tobaccos grown in our own fields. Using the same approaches in the design results in an innovative and multiple-use packaging found in this year's Chefs Edition.


1/3 – Already at the beginning, a thick creaminess combined with a subtle spiciness are delighting the palate and leaving appetite for more.

2/3 – Floral, creamy and coffee flavours are enriching the taste journey. A superb participation on all taste buds, leaving the palate clean, with a pleasant aftertaste.

3/3 – Cacao, cedar wood and caramel notes are responsible for an explosion of flavours satisfying the palates of the most demanding cigar lovers.