CAO keeps coming out with smash-hit sellers that we can't keep in stock, and CAO Bones follows this trend nicely. Get up to 40% OFF PLUS Free Shipping On Your Entire Order while supplies last. Oh, and one last thing- each box comes with a set of dice, so if you're really into "throwing bones", this is the cigar for you!

Ever played a game of dominoes in a dark, smokey cigar lounge? That’s the inspiration behind the full-bodied blend, brand new release from CAO known simple as “Bones”. Blended by the legendary Rick Rodriguez, the same gifted legend who created CAO Flathead, CAO Bones is a blend made for those who want a strong, well-balanced cigar- but don’t want to pay that high price point. Ladies and gentleman, you’ve found your new go-to!

Handmade in Nicaragua, Bones oozes with complex smoke and gives off tasty notes of wood, nuts and vanilla. A midnight Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper adorns this stick, and under it lies a Connecticut Shade binder, and four different juicy fillers from all over the world. Whether you’re lighting up in a cigar lounge, a man-cave, a bar, or your own backyard- it’s time to let the games begin.