Plasencia Reserva Original 10 Pack DEALS!


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Plasencia Cigars are one of the biggest Tobacco Growers and Cigar Manufacturers in the world. Since 1865, the Plasencia family has been growing premium tobacco for cigars. With over 150 years of tobacco cultivating heritage under their belt, this is an A+ brand you’re going to want to get your hands on.

Plasencia Reserva Original has the very same taste that captivated the Europeans more than 500 years ago when they arrived in the New World. What exactly does that mean? Well, five centuries ago, the Nicarao Indians grew 100% organic tobaccos that European settlers smoked and loved.

Following in the shoes of the natives, Plasencia created a cigar (the very first!) made with all-organic tobaccos. They're so serious about this claim, that they have their tobaccos certified by OSHA every year!

Reserva Original features notes of nuts, fruits, and caramel with delicate nuances of marzipan and final hints of cedar. Medium bodied in strength, this blend is suitable for anyone who enjoys fine cigars.

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