Plasencia Exclusive Box Set 4 Hour Deal


BACK BY HIGH DEMAND: Everyone jumped on this deal when we debuted it last month. Heck, even our own employees took advantage of it! We all love to smoke super-premium cigars, but let’s face it; sometimes they’re too expensive! Today, we put that notion to rest- get 50% OFF exclusive Plasencia Box Sampler Sets!

Plasencia is the quiet giant of our industry. They’re one of the biggest tobacco growers and cigar manufacturers in the world, been in the business for over 150 years, and produce a staggering five million pounds of tobacco annually. Needless to say, these guys have big money, which means they have access to the very best tobaccos on the planet.

The Plasencia Exclusive Box Set gives you the unique opportunity to take a complete “Plasencia Factory Tour” and sample all 5 different top-of-the-line Plasencia Cigars offered on the market. This is your chance to experience the superiority of Plasencia craftsmanship!

If that isn’t enough of a sell for you, you should probably know they’re premium blends are 90+ rated everywhere, and they’ve even won #1 Cigar Of The Year with Cigar Snob Magazine! The latest development is that Plasencia made a cigar just for Davidoff, one of the most prestigious cigar brands of all time! Wowzers!