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Partagas Black Label Cigars add bold new expressions of flavor to one of the oldest, most trusted, and popular Dominican brands ever produced. The cigars feature a luscious, licorice black Connecticut Medio Tiempo wrapper paired with a binder from the Dominican Republic, and dark ligero long fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.

Altogether, this ultra -full bodied blend has combined to transform the characteristically smooth medium bodied Partagas flavors into the company’s boldest blend to date. Top-notch construction and a nice effortless draw produce a rich robust flavor profile of earth, dark chocolate, pepper, and cream, that has ushered in a whole new audience of well-seasoned Partagas cigar smokers.

This was accomplished by General Cigar listening to the public demand for a more potent Partagas blend, and they spent many years concocting a real powerhouse smoke to meet this request. Their mission was accomplished with tremendous success, because Black Label received a slew of 90 plus ratings from industry experts and has found a permanent home in many thousands of humidors.

Partagas Black - 40% OFF!