LIMIT 3 PER CUSTOMER: Padron is the Mercedes-Benz of the cigar world, and today, we're offering you a very special chance to experience this top-shelf brand like never before. Folks, believe me when I say: This is the best buy of 2023. My warehouse will be open 'til midnight packing orders for these flights.

This is a blind sampler, and we do not disclose quantities or contents of the pack offered today, but just know this: You are going to be smiling ear-to-ear when you open your package. Yes, it's a fantastic offer. Yes, you're going to wish you bought more than three! (but please, only three packs maximum per customer!)

Sometimes, you want an incredible cigar to celebrate a landmark moment in life. Sometimes, any old cigar just won’t do the job- that’s where Padron comes in. They’re synonymous with being some of the best cigars ever produced, and have enjoyed a legendary status both in our stores and in the cigar industry as a whole. 

Padron is one of the few cigar brands in the world that doesn’t make a bad cigar- and their quality control is of a world-class standard. This is a brand that has been rated 90 or higher over 100 times, including an amazing 97-rating on the Padron 1926 Serie. 

This is your chance to try the most fantastic assortment of Padron Cigars you’ll ever experience. While we’re not going to tell you exactly what you’ll be receiving, just know this: It’s going to rock your world - and if it doesn’t - send it back to us for a full refund. That’s right, we’re stamping the Cigar King Family Satisfaction Guarantee on this one, folks. Enjoy!

Padron Exclusive Tasting Flight (Rare)