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Every year, the Oliva family cultivates a limited amount of fine tobaccos to create a rare, one-time-run of super premium cigars. The blend of this cigar is based solely on the leaves harvested, which often results in an entirely new cigar from year to year. Normally, these cigars have been privately reserved for ‘family use’ only. The scarcity of leaves acquired for this line, the Oliva Master Blends, has prevented the cigar from being released to the public. But, thanks to improved growing methods and quality control, yield now allows us to enjoy the fruit of the Oliva family's labor, with a limited number of cigars produced each year.

Available in three choice sizes, the Master Blends III cigar (MB3) is very limited in quantities and designed to cater the distinguished palate. MB3 is constructed with a luscious sungrown broadleaf wrapper leaf and a Nicaraguan blend of Habano-seed, ligero tobaccos. The result is a beautiful, dark brown cigar that's bursting with complex, balanced flavor that satisfies the palate with a rich, bold, full-bodied finish. 

Oliva Master Blend 3 - 70% OFF!