In all of my years working in this industry, I've never seen a cigar as universally loved as the Oliva Serie V, and the 135th Anniversary Limited Edition version is nothing short of legendary. My first allotment sold out within 30 minutes, and my second within 24 hours. Allotment three is here, with only 15,000 boxes made worldwide. Hurry and grab your box now!

The Oliva Serie V 135th Anniversary cigar is a special project for the Olivas, commemorating family patriarch, Melanio Oliva, and the year he first began growing tobacco in Cuba. To mark the occasion, Oliva blended a unique size of the company's acclaimed Oliva Serie V cigar, boasting the same recipe of all-Nicaraguan binder/filler and a ruddy Ecuadorian wrapper.

Only 15,000 boxes of 12 cigars have been produced, presented in special boxes that display the cigars in a fanned-out shape to accentuate the cigar's format. This 5½" x 54 size has a traditional parejo feel from the head to nearly two-thirds down, where a dramatic taper closes out the foot. In terms of smoking, this allows for a concentrated start to the cigar, gradually evolving throughout the first inch and a half. This makes for a medium-full body and standout complexities of oak, red pepper, classic leather, and an underlying brown sugar sweetness.

Be sure to order your box of Oliva Serie V 135th Anniversary from Cigar King as soon as possible, as this release is extremely limited, and projected to sell out very quickly. For additional information, contact our cigar experts directly at 1-800-669-7167!

Oliva 135th Anniversary - Limited Edition