Cigar King perilously announces the second debut (The former sold out in 2018) of our most coveted expression to date. Billed as "Nightmares: Until The Light Takes Us", this 2019 release is our all-new “corazón y alma" or “heart and soul” flagship iteration that is extra special for one reason in particular: It was created solely by Cigar King employees. 

Now, you may be thinking: “Well, Duh! It’s a private label!” But what you may not know, is that every private label release we’ve debuted thus far has been blended and overseen by Mitchel, CEO of Cigar King. Sure, we smoke the test blends and give the boss our two cents, but we have no real say in the final product.  The Nightmares series is the complete opposite: The concept and the blend components come solely from three of our very own tobacconists with a combined 35 years in the industry: Gary, Kole, and Paul. Here’s what we can tell you about the blend:

Nightmares UTLTU comes in a 5x52 Robusto size, and is billed as our most full-bodied cigar to date. With that being said, it’s described as a modern take on classic bestsellers like Ashton VSG and Liga Privada. What’s really worth noting is that the blend will not fall in line with the current spice & pepper-bomb “boutique company release” fad that we’ve seen as of late in the industry. Sure, you’ll taste spice and black pepper, particularly on the retrohale, but the boys were careful not to overpower the blend with an overwhelming amount of ligero tobaccos. True tasting notes are as follows: Dark-roasted Cuban coffee beans, spanish cedar, fresh buttermilk, caramel nougat, earth, spice, and black pepper. 

The final, and most important element of this series is the tobaccos used for the blend. The Nightmares UTLTU is comprised of 100% Esteli-Grown Nicaraguan Tobaccos. Not only that, but the packaging the blend comes in is as minimal as it gets. Why? Simple: The allotted budget for this particular project was spent entirely on acquiring aged, AAA Nicaraguan Tobaccos. We’ve smoked the blend ourselves, and we’ll say this: If you smoke medium to full-bodied cigars, you are going to absolutely love this blend. We’re so confident in that, we’re offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee: If you try this blend and find you’re not loving what you’re smoking, we’ll send you a return label and refund your money in full. That’s how confident we are that you’ll love it (and tell your friends about it!)

To really get the full gist of this new expression from the boys at Cigar King, hop on to youtube to check out the promo video. The Nightmares “Until The Light Takes Us” is now in full production and ready to be dispatched from our aging rooms to your fingertips- come get yours today!