NEW: Warped Nicotina


BIG BOUTIQUE BONUS: With every 10-Pack of Warped Nicotina purchased, we're throwing in an ULTRA-RARE Warped Maestro Del Tiempo ($10 Value!), a healthy discount off retail pricing, PLUS Free Shipping On Your Entire Order! *All orders for Warped Nicotina will ship Wednesday, 1/14 or before!

Warped Cigars are a brand that you should know about, and more importantly be smoking! A creation of Kyle Gilles, one of the youngest cigar manufacturers to date, Warped is an exciting boutique outfit with young blood, and a penchant for keeping domestic premium cigars as “Cuban” as humanly possible!

Nicotina is a reincarnation of an old Cuban brand from the late 1800's, with Gellis noting that this release will be strong for his portolio, though he also added that "it might not be what the average cigar smoker would consider to be full and powerful."