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NEW RoMA Neanderthal LH!


RoMA Craft's long backordered Neanderthal is finally back in-stock. While we can't promise they'll be in stock for long, we CAN promise that WE won't be the ones smoking them all (this time). If you're a full-bodied cigar lover, get these now, because these boutique blends are gonna go fast.

The Neanderthal LH is RoMa Craft's strongest cigar ever released. That's saying a lot coming from the outfit that's released numerous powerhouses in the past. It's a box-pressed 4.75x56 parejo that contains a full leaf of "Green River Sucker One Ligero" from Pennsylvania. To be honest, we have no idea what to make of that information, but it sounds strong.

Here at Cigar King, we love smoking full-bodied cigars. Most of the time, when a cigar veers more towards the stronger side, we make quick mention of it in the description; but every once in a while, we put an advisory at the top of the banner that reads "Serious Cigar Smokers Only", and the Neanderthal is one of those blends. 

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