Disclaimer: We didn’t name this cigar!

“Few, if any, in the cigar industry seemed to welcome or be happy about them, and they expressed their displeasure in a number of ways. Some were more diplomatic, and some were blunter. If there’s any doubt, this cigar definitely sits in the latter category.”



What was once a humble side project by Riste Ristevski has become a national small batch sensation now known as Ja Sum Kral. Little is known about this guy, except for one thing - there is an insane amount of customer demand for these cigars, and his blends are unique, innovative, and highly rated across the industry! 

The "F*** The FDA" limited edition cigar release is Mr. Ristevski’s way of saying… well, you get it! Very little is disclosed about the blend, besides it being a limited edition, 6x52 toro with a Mexican San Andrés Leaf as the wrapper. One thing’s for sure, if this cigar is on point with JSK’s other smash-hit blends, it’s going to make serious waves in the industry. The bundle contains 10 cigars and is wrapped with a copy of the cover page of the FDA 499-page deeming regulations of certain tobacco products. 

Initially, only 499 of these bundles are being released for the world, so it's not easy to find, and soon will disappear altogether. While we don't necessarily agree with such a cheeky name for a cigar, we sure do support everyone's right to free speech, and every JSK we've ever smoked has been a homerun, so why not give it a shot for yourself?