NEW Balmoral Paso Doble Insane 10 Packs


Balmoral is the creation of Royal Agio’s 4th generation CEO, Boris Wintermans, who embodies the philosophy that relentless, passionate curiosity is essential to discovering and enjoying the best experiences in life. This non-hindering philosophy has driven him to freely explore the globe in search of the highest-quality, select, exclusive tobaccos that will ultimately combine to deliver a cigar experience unlike any other.

PASO DOBLE was born of a collaboration between two world-renowned cigar makers known for their ambitious desires to define, in their own unique way, what it means to be boutique.

Litto Gomez and Boris Wintermans share a similar passion for developing inspiring, one-of-a-kind blends, and each has their own method for getting there. Litto incorporates specially-grown tobaccos from his personal farm in La Canela, Dominican Republic, while Boris relentlessly searches the globe for the most unique premium tobaccos.

PASO DOBLE combines each cigar makers' dearest tobaccos and intertwines them into a distinct dance of flavors that stays true to each cigar maker's signature blending style - the dark, full-bodied opulence of Litto Gomez' La Flor Dominicana and the sophisticated, balanced complexity of Boris Wintermans' Balmoral Cigars.

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