NEW ARRIVAL: Southern Draw Cigars!


Southern Draw is a brand people have been asking us to stock for years, so this is quite exciting for us. With the Southern Draw Motherload Pack, you get the unique opportunity to try a huge variety pack of some of their hottest releases for a screaming deal- $99.95 PLUS Free Shipping On Your Entire Order!

While the number you'll receive is undisclosed, we promise you'll be more than thrilled - or your money back! This is by far the most aggressive Southern Draw deal you'll ever experience! 

Southern Draw Cigars are special for more reasons than just their illustrious design: this is a brand founded by U.S. veterans! Partnered with a team of Cuban rolling experts, this group worked to create premium cigar blends that encapsulate the culture and traditions of the south— and the result is certainly a success.

From the spicy cedar of the popular Kudzu cigars to the devilishly rich cocoa of Jacob’s Ladder, every Southern Draw collection never fails to deliver a flawlessly constructed buffet of savory flavors that will feel just like home for many aficionados. These limited-release cigars are also the ultimate companion for a cold beer or your favorite spirits, so it would be well worth the effort to stock up whenever you spot them.