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New Aladino Maduro - Now In Stock!


Aladino does it again. Cigar King was one of the first retailers to carry this blend. At Cigar King, we have taste, and we can tell when a cigar is going to sell well. Our buying process is simple: We get the boys together and smoke the blend together. Upon finishing, we all go around and ask ourselves: "Would we buy this?" If the answer is yes, we buy it and tell our customers about it!

The Aladino Maduro is brand new to our shelves, and again, we're one of the first to carry it, but we can tell this blend is going places! 

The Aladino Maduro has an evenly tanned cocoa colored wrapper that shows a bit of oily sheen, ever so closely resembling- almost emulating a Padron Anniversario wrapper. Expect heavy earth and chocolatey overtones, along with a nice pepper wave throughout the smoke. 

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