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NAS By La Flor Dominicana Deals


Have you ever smoked one of the numerous powerhouses on the market and thought to yourself “Hmm, this would be great if it wasn’t so mild?” If so, the LFD N.A.S. is for you.

N.A.S. stands for Nasty Ass S**T. No, we’re not making that up. It’s made from 100% Pelo de Oro ligero grown on La Flor Dominicana’s La Canela Farms. What this means in layman's terms, is that this cigar is REALLY STRONG! Flavor-wise, this translates to a wall of black pepper and spice. If you dig that, you’ll be pleased to find earth, leather and nuts. If you like big flavor and big strength, you’re in for a treat with the LFD N.A.S..

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