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Nacionales W by Pepin Garcia

The Nacionales W by Pepin Garcia Cigars were created by Pepin in his Miami, FL factory El Rey de Los Habanos. This blend was designed by Pepin Garcia to mimic the cigars that he and his fellow rollers in Cuba smoked in the factories. He always called it the ?National Blend? because every cigar smoker who worked in the factories on the island nation smoked the same blend. Pepin Garcia tried his best to recreate it, and he says it is very, very close. The Nacionales W by Pepin Garcia uses a blend of all Nicaraguan tobacco topped off with an oily, brown colored Corojo?99 wrapper. This mouth watering blend is a solid medium body that gushes with flavors of spice and coffee. The draw is effortless and it burns evenly creating a very solid layered ash. These flavors combined with Pepin?s superior construction ensure that the Nacionales W by Pepin Garcia is another cigar that will make you think twice about buying Cuban cigars again.