Nacionales W by PDR Cigars


The Nacionales W by PDR Cigars is the third installment of the famed line. Originally blended by Pepin Garcia to mimic the taste and body of what cigar rollers in Cuba smoked. The name Nacionales or "National" fit perfectly, because the blend was synonymous from factory to factory. With this great history Abe Flores had to live up to the blend and was quoted saying "It's always hard to live up to a blend that Don Pepin Garcia has created. I used some of my finest tobaccos aged three years to create this blend. With the combination of fine tobaccos and hours of blending these cigars, I found the perfect combination to encapsulate the original blend." The Nacionales W by PDR Cigars has a beautiful oily brown Ecuadorian Habano wrapper which is draped around Mexican San Andreas Binder and finished off with Dominican Seco Ligero Criollo 98 combined with Nicaraguan Jalapa Seco filler. This produces pleasant flavors of leather, creaminess, and light spice that coats the mouth. A medium to full-bodied treat that anyone should try even if you haven't tried the first two blends.


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