This all-new My Father / Tatuaje Cigars collaboration known as La Union is more than a holy grail item, it's a piece of cigar history. Every lover of premium cigars absolutely needs to try this unicorn release. Only 1,500 of the "Black Box" releases are available. There are also 1,500 red boxes to follow, but those will be released later on this year. First come, first served. This is a pre-order item, all orders are expected to ship approximately Tuesday, 2/20 or before!

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of their working relationship, both My Father Cigars and Tatuaje have created a limited-edition project named La Union. “La Union” (The Union), a trademark owned by My Father Cigars, consists of two different exquisitely crafted boxes, one in black and the other in red. The logo for “La Union” features an artistic rendering of Pete shaking Jaime’s hand with Pepin blessing the union which represents the bond and commitment to family and hard work that the Garcias and Pete have had since the first cigar was rolled in 2003. Each limited-edition box will come with forty cigars, twenty of the cigars are blended by My Father for Tatuaje, the other twenty cigars are blended by Tatuaje for My Father. All cigars were blended and produced at My Father Cigar S.A in Esteli, Nicaragua.

The cigars for both boxes measure 7 1⁄4 x 50 and are finished with a traditional Cuban 109-style head. The size is named Prominente Especial. Cigars blended by Pete Johnson will have a covered foot while the cigars blended by the Garcias will have an open foot. All the tobacco used for binders and fillers are grown by the Garcia family, including the famed Pelo de Oro which has been grown by the family since 2008. For the wrappers, Pete chose for his cigars, Nicaraguan shade grown Corojo 99 for the black box and Ecuador Sumatra for the red box. The Garcias chose to use Ecuador Habano for the black box and Connecticut USA Broadleaf for the red box. Each box will be individually numbered. The black boxes will range from 1 to 1500.

My Father & Tatuaje Cigars La Union (Rare)