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Once again, AJ Fernandez has done it. Can this master blender ever miss? We think not! Messing with an old-school brand like Montecristo takes some serious cojones (that’s the technical term, I believe). I mean, you don’t mess with success, right? And Montecristo is more than successful. Luckily for us, ever since the folks behind Montecristo let AJ start tweaking with the brand and crafting new blends, it’s been hit after hit, and this newest collaboration is another notch in the “Win” column.

Folks, let me proudly introduce Montecristo Nicaragua- another shining example of the letting master cigar blender AJ Fernandez do what he does best: Deliver a Nicaraguan powerhouse that’ll keep you coming back for more. 100% Nicaraguan tobaccos bring about a rich, flavorful profile, featuring plenty of classic Nicaraguan spice, backed by a characteristic sweetness that we can’t get enough of. Do not miss this one!

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