Montecristo Espada Oscuro Golden Deal


Listen, we're not really academics around here, but this one's easy to decipher: Buy 8 super premium Montecristo Espada Oscuro's, get a nice 10% OFF discount, PLUS 4 top-shelf bestseller cigars by Montecristo for free. You do the math! Oh, and the whole shebang ships for free! Yahoooo!

The Montecristo Espada Oscuro is not your typical Montecristo. The brand that people have come to know and love is turning the dial up, adding a unique strength and flavor that has been previously unseen in the Montecristo lineup, and we have to give it to them- they did an incredible job. The Montecristo Espada Oscuro has now become apart of our daily cigar rotation!

Blended by the Plasencia Family, the Montecristo Espada Oscuro is one of the first Montecristo cigar using 100% Nicaraguan tobaccos, and uses one of the darkest, oiliest Oscuro wrappers you’ve ever seen! This adds a depth of favor that will wow any cigar enthusiast. Anyway, if you like your cigars strong, rich, and chocolatey; you’re going to love the all-new Montecristo Espada Oscuro- try it today!