The Matilde Renancer is the first cigar released from Jose Seijas since he announced his retirement from Altadis USA Inc in 2012. Jose loves the Dominican Republic and he wanted to pay tribute to the land he loves when he debuted his first cigar post-Altadis. The name Matilde traces it's roots all the way back to 1876 when Simeon Mencia created one of the very first cigar companies in the Dominican Republic. In the D.R., both the original factory and the home of Senor Mencia still stand and are regarded as National landmarks.

Just looking at the care Jose Seijas took to create his Matilde cigars, you may be able to see the love and national pride he has for the D.R. From the simple cedar boxes, to the beautiful tobaccos, and even the classic cigar band, this is an impressive cigar to look at.

Matilde cigars feature bright and vibrant flavors with notes of cedar, cream and pepper. It's complexity and balance is an absolute masterpiece and it is a testament to what Jose Seijas is capable of. Matilde is medium in strength but full on flavor. Don't expect a "kick you in the seat of your pants" strength, instead expect a pleasant mix of flavors with enough strength to satisfy the veteran smoker. The construction is supreme, while combustion and draw are spot-on.

It's truly a shame that Altadis never let Jose Seijas loose. If that were the case, you might look at the conglomerate differently.

Matilde Cigars

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