I’ll make it quick: Illusione is known as one of the true original greats of boutique cigar making. These cigars NEVER go on special because they sell like crazy. Today, you’re getting 15 Illusione cigars for just $99.95 - that’s $6.66 a stick.

I’m begging you- keep this deal on the downlow- the last thing I want is a symphony of phones ringing in our store as angry competitors scream at us for debuting this doorbuster deal on this worshipped brand. Get it before it sells out (and it will). 

Illusione cigars creator Dion Giolito set up with the approach to “do the opposite from everyone else in the industry.” And that’s a goal he's certainly accomplished. One of their biggest achievements was introducing the concept of “full-flavor, medium-bodied” cigars, a revolutionary idea that has been embraced widely in the premium tobacco world. Illusione is considered to be “The Godfather of boutique, small batch cigar brands”, and once you’ve had the pleasure of enjoying one, we think you’ll agree.

Here's how the Illusione Motherload Pack works: We send you 15 Illusione Cigars for $6.66/each, PLUS Free Shipping On Your Entire Order. To keep the heat off of us, we’re not telling you what you’re getting - but if you’re not jumping with jaw-dropping joy when you open your package, send everything back to us for a full refund- however, it won’t happen. Just wait- you're gonna love us.