Liga Privada continues to be one of the rarest brands in North America to this day, and it's been that way since we can remember. If you can believe it, the Liga Privada Year of the Rat is ten times as rare as its regular production counterpart. Today is a big day for us, as we've gotten our hands on a shipment of Rats!

This tasting flight is the bee's knees. Each pack comes with eight total cigars, and they're all bestselling Drew Estate releases!

Each flight is guaranteed to have (1) Liga Year of the Rat, as well as (7) other bestselling Liga Privada and Drew Estate cigars! For an itemized list of what you're getting, check out the item description on our site. Hurry, these will sell out quickly!

The Liga Privada Series was originally created for the smoking pleasure of Drew Estate's president Steve Saka. His request was simple. Create a full flavored cigar that is rich and satisfying. Liga Privada is exquisitely blended with 7 types of tobaccos from seven different farms. Only the most skilled rollers from Drew Estate are qualified to roll this amazing cigar.

Each Liga Privada is guaranteed to be flawless in construction, flavor, and character. Liga Privada is rich and complex without being harsh. Flavors of earth, leather and cedar are prevalent and notes of espresso and pepper come out in the finish. 

On the May 12, 2022 edition of Drew Estate’s Freestyle Live, it was announced that Drew Estate’s Liga Privada Unico Serie Year of the Rat was returning for a limited production run for Drew Diplomat retailers. Year of the Rat was originally launched in 2016 where it was a lounge exclusive at a Drew Estate branded lounge.

Last year, a limited production of the Year of the Rat was offered to Drew Diplomat retailers. The Liga Privada Year of the Rat consists of a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, a Brazilian binder, and fillers from Nicaragua and Honduras. The cigar comes in one size – a 5 1/2 x 46 Corona Gorda. The cigars feature a fan-tail cap and are each wrapped in gold foil. 

Liga Privada Year Of The Rat Samplers