LFD Andalusian Bull Cigar Of The Year Sampler


No bull: These Andalusian Bull Super Packs get a big discount off our price, and ship free! This is one of our personal favorites here at Cigar King. Go!

La Flor Dominicana is a line known for creating some seriously full-bodied cigars in the Dominican Republic, while most of their counterparts were still making mild cigars. These heavy hitters command a huge following, and make some extremely unique blends, notably the Andalusian Bull, Cigar Aficiando’s #1 Cigar Of The Year circa 2016! 

Litto Gomez, owner and blender of La Flor Dominicana is considered one of the best Dominican manufacturers in the business. The Andalusian Bull Super Pack showcases this man’s god-given talents. Each cigar is rich and glistening with natural oils- they literally shine. Don’t miss this special pack, because it always sells out.

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