Leaf By Oscar Complete Flight Deal!


If you don't know who Oscar is yet, you really should. He's the quiet genius behind the "Leaf" cigar series, the grower for Island Jim Cigars, and the proprietor of one of the largest, well-respected factories in Danli, Honduras.

To us, he's the "King Midas" of the cigar industry; everything this man touches turns to cigar gold. We're not kidding when we say that this guy does not manufacturer a single bad blend, in fact, they all seem to be cigars worthy of putting in our own humidors!

Initially, we put together a seasonal summer flight of seven different blends that he makes for the general public, and it sold great. Since then, we've picked up ANOTHER seven lines of Oscar cigars, and realized that it was time for an all-new sampler. Ladies and gentleman, that time is now!

Purchase the all-new Leaf By Oscar 2019 Complete Brand Flight today and enjoy a fat 25% OFF Retail Pricing PLUS Free Shipping On Your Entire Order! Enjoy!