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In some ways, Leaf by Oscar Cigars has defined the boutique cigar market as we know it today. From a simple marketing technique, where Oscar decided to individually wrap each cigar in a tobacco leaf, to creating one of the largest Honduran Tobacco empires in the world, Leaf By Oscar is a cigar every aficionado needs to experience for themselves.

This unique cigar features an organic band and is wrapped in an additional, raw tobacco leaf, which is then banded a second time. The additional leaf not only does a far better job of protection than traditional cello, it provides a silky-smooth, oily coat to the cigar’s delicate inner-wrapper.

Leaf by Oscar may be the ugliest cigar you ever see—that is, until you remove the outer leaf wrapper! A seemingly perfectly constructed cigar will greet you upon unpacking its thick cover leaf. Here you will find one of 4 blends: Connecticut, Sumatra, Corojo, and Maduro. All have been heavily praised since their launch—starting as a cult hit, these unique smokes are now among the most talked about (and smoked) cigars in the industry.

For a limited time, we're featuring a special that is by far the world's best deal on Leaf By Oscar cigars - Buy any bundle of Leaf By Oscar, get a 10% discount off retail pricing, 5 additional Leaf Cigars of the same blend & size that you ordered, and FREE SHIPPING ON YOUR ENTIRE ORDER!

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