Lars Tetens Master Infused Sampler Deal!


So here’s the lowdown: Lars Tetens is a beyond legendary figure in the cigar industry. During the cigar boom, and long before Acid Cigars made their debut, Lars Tetens was pushing out infused cigar blends that people went absolutely wild for - and we’re not kidding about that. 

Some of our shop veterans who are still with us today remember constantly selling out of Lars Tetens Cigars on a regular basis- and for good reason: They were beyond skillfully blended infused cigars, and there was nothing else like it available on the market at that time. 

Nowadays, we have a whole slew of infused cigar brands available for our smoking pleasure; but there’s still a big place in our hearts for Lars, so we’ll say this: Not only is the tobacco super premium, but the infusions are smooth and not overdone. Yes, we’ve even given them to some of our resident cigar nerds, and they’ve given us impressively positive feedback!

If you’re someone who enjoys an infused cigar every once in a while- you’re going to want to try this pack - some of us would even dare to say that it's freakin' groundbreaking. Or, re-groundbreaking. Either way, you get the point. Check out our sampler. It's 20% OFF + Free Shipping On Your Entire Order and it's worth every penny. Cheers!