JFR Lunatic Box Specials 4 Cheap!


Lunatic Loco is the #1 selling big ring-gauge line produced by JFR Aganorsa Leaf that has aficionado's clamoring in cigar shops across the country. From 2005 when JFR was just a small brick-and-mortar exclusive line, to being stocked on cigar store shelves near and far, this brand has come a long way, and it’s for one reason in particular: For what you’re paying, this is the best tobacco available on the domestic market today! 

The Lunatic Loco is a Nicaraguan Puro jam-packed with award winning Aganorsa tobaccos including a dark, oily proprietary shade-grown Jalapa Corojo wrapper and hearty Nicaraguan binder and filler. When you light up one of these bad boys, you can expect superb construction, and a plethora of fantastic flavors such as: earth, cedar, orange peel, pepper, and more! 

Take advantage of the best Lunatic cigar deal you’ll find anywhere online: Each box comes with a 10% discount, a free 3-Pack of JFR Casa Fernandez Cigars, and Free Shipping On Your Entire Order! Enjoy!