For three hours, get the flavor packin', knee slappin', customer mega-favorite known simply as Leaf by Oscar's "Island Jim" for a hometown deal... I'm talking a huge 35% OFF Retail Pricing, PLUS Free Shipping On Your Entire Order!

If you haven’t ever tried an Island Jim, prepare to fall in love. Seriously. As unconventional as this cigar looks, it’s one of the most balanced cigars I’ve smoked in over a decade. Everywhere you look, this cigar gets incredible accolades and plenty of love from the worldwide cigar community. A true smash-hit. This cigar should be on your radar, and now, your chance is here- it’s never been cheaper anywhere!

The cigar’s shaggy foot leads a dark and oily wrapper down to an intricately shaped torpedo head - which utilizes a strip of Connecticut shade wrapper and finishes with a near-black oscuro leaf at the point. 

Just recently, Island Jim has decided to strike again and release a second blend, this time with a dark & tasty San Andres wrapper. If you know anything about cigars, you know just how delicious a San Andres wrapper makes any blend. 

Regardless of which you choose, one thing’s for certain: This cigar will become part of your regular rotation, and once you smoke it, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about when we say that it really is a fantastic work of cigar art!

Island Jim - 3 Hour Flash Deal