Illusione Le Grande Classe Rex Special


Illusione is a small boutique brand that has earned the distinction receiving numerous high ratings in Cigar Aficionado Magazine. Dion Giolito, the creator of Illusione cigars, wanted to re-create a specific taste profile from years past.

That is before the Sandinistas took over Nicaragua in 1979, Nicaragua was growing some of the best tobaccos in the world. The cigars made from these prized fields in the Jalapa Valley and Esteli region were strong, bold and clean. After years of neglect, these old Somoza fields have been re-cultiviated by the legendary master grower Arsenio Ramos of Cuba.

Along with Fernano, Chandito and famed Cuban agronomist Jacinto, Arsenio has assembled the varitable “dream team” of tobacco production.

Illusione La Grande Classe Rex, measures 4 7/8 x 40 and is sold in gold foil-wrapped bundles of 25, with each cigar retailing for $5.50. The blend is also new—specifically, an Ecuadorian habano wrapper leaf over Nicaraguan tobacco from the Jalapa region in both the binder and filler.

The result is a blend that starts off mild and works itself up to a medium, yet it delivers a rich & complex profile, virtually flawless construction and amazing balance. The Illusione La Grande Classe REX cigar showcases Dion Giolito's masterfully blending style, and when he's on, he hits it out of the park! Check out the deals we have on Illusione Le Grande Classe now!

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