HUGE: RoMa Craft Intemperance MEGA DEAL!


In our humble opinion, Intemperance is RoMa Craft Tobac’s most important line of premium tobacco. Blended on the history of prohibition in the United States, RoMa Craft’s Intemperance illustrates the tale of the Volstead Act, which had effectively turned every consumer, merchant and producer of alcohol into a criminal- and as a result, organized crime took root.  

Intemperance ties in this important piece of history with the modern anti-tobacco movements currently embedded in our political systems. In the last sixty years, the forces aligned against tobacco have grown in influence and power much in the same way the Temperance Movement before it grew. Facing oppressive ordinances and misguided regulation, RoMa Craft felt that it was well past time to initiate their own Modern Intemperance Movement- and we stand behind them with our fists raised high in the air! Viva la cigars!

Intemperance BA XXI features a Brazil Arapiraca wrapper and a filler blend that contains three ligeros: Esteli, Jalapa and Olor. This is a rich, full-bodied treat that offers a perfect mixture of cocoa, leather, pepper, espresso, and sweetness. A must-try release for anyone who enjoys a cigar exuding deep richness.

Intemperance EC XVII features an Ecuador Connecticut wrapper and a filler blend consisting of a variety of Nicaraguan Criollo 98 tobaccos from Esteli, Jalapa, Pueblo Nuevo and Olor, a native varietal from the Dominican Republic. Mild to medium bodied in strength, this freakishly fantastic handmade features a smooth, creamy profile with a delightful spice and natural tobacco sweetness. This is a go-to for many small-batch lovers, and pairs excellently with a cup of coffee or light ale.

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