Gary's Lucky Bag - St. Patrick's Day Deal!


We hope you brought a shopping cart with you today, because Gary and the Cigar King Crew are throwing a massive St Patrick’s Day extravaganza that’s going to make you go wild! The beer is cold, our drinking pants have been ironed, and ibuprofen is on standby. All that's left to do is to tap some sweet discounts on your favorite sticks!

Pristine premium cigar blends are slashed up to 75% OFF, and EVERYTHING ships 100% FREE! There's plenty in the ol’ Cigar King pot o' savings to go around, with boxes, 5-Packs, 10-Packs, and more- all up for grabs! Just make sure you get your piece of the bounty, because come tonight at 11:59PM, this one does the Irish goodbye!