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Padron Cigars is one of the most legendary and sought-after brands on the market today. Synonymous with luxury and quality, Padron Cigars and the cigar industry at large evolved hand-in-hand through the decades. However, Padron Cigars did not see success overnight, the family-owned brand went through many trials and tribulations to become the juggernaut it is today.

Famous founder Jose O. Padron started the Padron Cigars brand back in 1964, but the family’s history with tobacco stretches far earlier in history. The Padron family first took roots in Cuba during the 1880s, when Jose Orlando’s grandfather, Damaso Padron, emigrated to the Pinar del Rio region from the Canary Islands.

Today, Padron Cigars enjoy a "Unicorn" status amongst cigar lovers, and are known as one of the greatest cigar brands to ever grace the domestic market. Its bold, rich flavors and smooth finish make the line an identifiable, and instant classic. Its full-bodied taste and undeniable smoothness have won the brand countless 90+ Ratings across many publications. Experience greatness for yourself today and try a Padron Cigar!