Just a few short years ago, Omar de Frias launched the original Fratello, a medium-plus blend of Nicaraguan, Ecuadorian and Peruvian tobaccos blended with an emphasis on complexity and superb balance. It was, and still remains one of the most unique and dynamic cigars on the market today.

After a year and a half of one of the most thorough and extensive campaigns to get his brand out to the market, shaking thousands of consumers hands in cigar shops all around the country, de Frias developed an entirely new addition to his portfolio—Fratello Bianco.

The emphasis balance and complexity remains in Fratello Bianco, as does the use of Peruvian tobacco, though the flavor profile is entirely unlike the original. Fratello Bianco instead offers a dark, rich and earthy profile for those who prefer a bit more body, with powerful notes of coffee, chocolate, cream, spice and leather. The blend of five exotic tobaccos comes together to offer a completely unique experience.

Fratello Bianco

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